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TAGGING ON TUMBLR: aka “how to get your posts to show up/not show up in the right places”

(Keep in mind that this info does not deal with special characters or anything else about the content of tags, just their placement. Also, tumblr could totally rewrite their code and make this post obsolete within minutes. You know, as you do.)


First of all, let it be known to the world: Reblogged posts do not show up in tracked tags. Only the first “instance” of a post will show up in tracked tags. So for those of you who diligently add tags to everything you reblog: that’s great, keep doing it if you have your own reasons, but remember that it won’t make the post magically reappear in people’s tracked tags.

Next comes a little something I call the First Five rule:

  • The first five tags, and only the first five tags, will show up in people’s tracked tags (when tumblr’s not being a silly ol’ butt, at least.)

So, for instance, if you are posting a picture of a rabbit, and want it to be seen by the sorts of people who have rabbits in their tracked tags, make rabbits one of the first five tags you use.

If you’re the type who likes to make cutesy tag commentary, that’s great, but keep in mind that if you put tag commentary in your first five tag slots it’s going to push the useful tags out to where nobody can track them. Put your highest-priority tags first, then your thoughtsnippets.


For those who don’t know, Tumblr Saviour is a handy-dandy tool that people use to avoid posts with tags that they find annoying/alarming/disgusting/etc. You can get it from … somewhere on the internet, probably.

Point is, Tumblr Saviour does block tags outside of the First Five zone (again, when it’s not being a butt.) It also, obviously, will block tags within the zone. So put your content warnings wherever they fit.


Tags are also good for organizing things on individual blogs. You can see an example on my own blog here (you’re welcome.) These tags also seem to work outside of the First Five, so feel free to put your personal art tag or whathaveyou in any slot your like.

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