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what is it that compels people to comment “tumblr is so hypocritical if (situation) was reversed everyone on this site would be furious" on posts about things that already, in fact, have evidence of multiple people on this website being furious about

do you literally think the number of notes on a post is pre-determined by some hardline social justice hivemind and not, say, the same mix of time and happenstance that results in underperforming text posts

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kawajen replied to your post:why in the hot, blistering fuck do people drink…

I know folks that do it with full intention to pay for it. I know it’s still weird though :T

oh no yeah, none of these people are trying to “get away with” anything, and most of them open the bottle on the way to the register to pay for it

it’s just that there are so many instances of people being unable to pay (credit card expired, left their wallet at home, etc.) that i’m counting the days until one of the “accidentally no money” people overlaps with one of the “quick-draw soda can” people

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why in the hot, blistering fuck do people drink sodas without paying for them? i don’t mean in a shoplift-y way, i mean people routinely twist open a bottle and start swigging before i even start ringing them up

today this one guy brought up a stack of comics and placed a crushed, empty coke bottle on top, saying “that too, i already drank it”

when i far-more-politely-than-i-very-justifiably-could-have pointed out how  … unorthodox it is to consume an entire beverage before even beginning to pay for it, he just said “ahahaha yeah, i feel awful about it”

not awful enough to not fucking do it, though