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ok so i think i need to explain to everyone why watching sailor moon properly is a fucking hysterical experience to me bc

as a small child with zero knowledge of the franchise I got gifted this exact toy when i was like nine years old by some and even when turned off the sounds on this fucking thing would go off at max volume to the fucking slightest provocation if you as much as looked at one of the buttons.

I got so much mileage out of this piece of trash ok these noises have been scarred permanently into the eardrums of every member of this household because naturally my parents hating it only made me love it more and hearing any of these sounds in the context of the actual show and not in the horrendously compressed midis of a dying hunk of plastic that i would fish out from under the piles of stuffed animals i delicately placed over it in my closet regularly so i didnt have to listen to it going off in my sleep is a religious experience

I am having fucking flashbacks

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Promo repost thing of the prologue for Mermaid Porn Funnies, because it’s pretty much the only extended sequence in this thing that’s completely “sfw”. (I’m not kidding with that title, folks.)

Comic blog here, weekly updates start Sunday.

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Parasyte anime adaptation starts in October.



Official site: link

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the people i follow have done some kooky stuff from time to time, but at least none of them have ever taken a shit on anybody for having trans character headcanons

good job not being horrendous, everybody!

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"i’ve never even heard of [orientation or gender word] outside of tumblr" wow yeah it’s almost as if most of our schools and media are absolutely pathetic at exploring these concepts